Wilders' Zwarte Piet law stunt denounced

There seems to be little public support in the Second Chamber for the PVV's Zwarte Piet law. It is nothing more than a PR stunt according to legal experts from BNR. 

PVV leader Geert Wilders announced the Zwarte Piet law today. With this law Wilders wants municipalities to ensure that Zwarte Piet is really black in Sinterklaas festivites. Additionally Sinterklaas songs must not be changed. According to Wilders the law is intended to protect our culture and the discussion on Zwarte Piet and racism is too ridiculous for words. "It is a children's festival. It has nothing to do with racism.", AD.nl reports.

Hans Engels, professor of Law and Local Goverments ant the University of Groningen and D66 Senator, finds the law too compulsive towards citizens, BNR reports. "You all have only way to celebrate Sinterklaas, whether you agree or not."

SP fraction leader Emile Roemer also believes that politics should not interfere with the Sinterklaas festival. "Imposing from above how traditions should be celebrated is compatible with a dictatorial regime and not with a free society."

A spokesperson for Minister of Social Affairs Lodewijk Asscher said that the government must not dictate how the Sinterklaas festival should be celebrated.

Wilders' proposal was scornfully received on twitter, with many people speaking out against it.