Police fear horse abusers could attack people

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Police are in pursuit of one or more animal abusers after eighty horses were found to be maimed this across the country this past year. Animals were found to have suffered torture to their bodies and genitals, leading police to fear that criminals may also be a danger to the community.

A special police team has been sent to hunt down the persecutors, but is yet to determine whether the maiming is being carried out by one person or a group of people. Attacks have been carried out on horses from Groningen to Brabant, leading police to suspect copycats.

"We link all things, hoping to end this series of attacks,” said police spokesman Paul Heidanus. “Timelines are created, and a profiler is starting to form. We go to every length, because this is definitely a series that is not going to stop by itself."

Horse owner Maritza Wortmann from Groningen spoke with reporters at the AD after her horse Keja was maimed. "It's heartbreaking," she said. "The cure is good, but mentally Keja will never recover. "

Psychologist Marie-José Enders has expressed fear for the safety of those in the community with the perpetrators on the loose.

"You also fear for the safety of the people in the vicinity of such a perpetrator," she says. "We know that animal cruelty is never in itself, and there is often a relationship with other forms of violence, including domestic violence.”