Hidden locker room camera found in girls' hockey

The arrested youth coach of the Wassenaar hockey club HGC secretly filmed girls and women in at least two hockey clubs in Amsterdam. 

This is evident from letters written by hockey clubs THC Hurley and Pinoké to their members.

The 45 year old coach, Luigi C., secretly made recordings in a HGC clubhouse locker room, where women and girls got dressed. Most of the victimized girls were between the ages of 16 and 18, but images were also found of girls aged 12 to 14. The images were captured by a static camera, Het Parool reports. According to the Public Prosecutor, the camera could not move or zoom in.

The man did not only film HGC hockey players, but also players from 34 visiting clubs. HGC association manager, Rudolph van Dusseldorp, said that the identities of the girls and women caught on the film are not known.

The letter from Hulrey chairman, Huub Arendse, states that youth members of the club, girls aged 15 to 18, have been filmed by this man. The letter further states that the police are not investigating the identities of the girls and women on the images. This decision was made because identifying all filmed persons would mean that more people would have to search through the images, this would only further violate the victims' privacy. The identification of the victims will not be necessary for the criminal investigation.

Child pornography was found at the suspect's home. The pornography was not created by the suspect and is not related to hockey.

Luigi C. was born in Naples and came to the Netherlands as a baby. He lives with his parents and enjoys photographing young women. He was employed by the company Servicepoint, which provides staff for larger companies. Luigi C. also worked as a freelance reporter for various media. At HGC he was the coach for the C-Class for girls of about 13 years old.

According to the Public Prosecutor, there is no evidence that the images were put on the internet.

It is not yet known if players from other clubs in Amsterdam have been victimized in this way.