Gas co. knew of leak before explosion; two deaths ID'd

The gas leak that caused an explosion in a flat in Diemen yesterday had been reported, says a spokesperson of grid manager Liander.

A contractor hit a gas line and reported it to the grid manager at 15:24 pm. Liander did not contact the emergency services, because, the said, it is not their job, RTV NH reports. Usually a contractor will make an estimate and then contact the emergency services if he deems it necessary.

The fire department received no report of a gas leak and was only called in at 15:41 pm after the explosion. The explosion and fire left two people dead and 15 injured. Initially there were reports of two people still missing, but on Friday afternoon the police confirmed that everyone is accounted for.

According to Wim Drost, leader of a team of painters for maintenance company Loghies, he could already smell gas at 15:00, 45 minutes before the explosion.

The two people who were killed were a female employee of housing corporation De Key and a contractor. At the time of the explosion the contractor was doing work on the property.