Man arrested in The Hague upon return from Syria

In The Hague, police arrested a 29-year-old man in his home Tuesday on suspicion of his involvement in the jihadist forces in Syria. According to the police, he is also suspected of possessing incendiary texts. The man is one of several arrested by the police for traveling in or out of Syria. 

Spits Nieuws reports that the man is currently under limited arrest, meaning he may only have contact with his lawyer.

It is not clear when the man would have traveled to Syria or when he returned. No details about his place of residence have been released. His precise involvement in Syria is also not clear. Police will not release any details due to the fact that he still has to be questioned.

Two jihadist recruiters were arrested in The Hague, along with a woman guilty of hate breeding and incendiary rhetoric. Whether these suspects have been in contact with this latest suspect is not known.