Dutch hotel prices on the rise

The average price of an overnight stay in a hotel room in The Netherlands has risen by two percent in the fist half of this year compared with the same period last year. Travelers are now paying €124 on average for a hotel room. This comes from the Hotel Price Index from booking site Hotels.com.

Among destinations, Amsterdam has the most expensive hotels in the country. Travelers pay €142 on average for a night. This price has risen five percent compared to the same period last year.

The second-most expensive city for a hotel night is Maastricht. The average price dropped here with four percent to €108. The Hague remains at the third spot where travelers pay an average of €106. This price has not changed since last year.

In Rotterdam, hotel prices dropped fiver percent to €92. In the same period last year, Rotterdam's hotel prices rose the most. The harbor city is home to several new hotels, whose doors opened in the last months. The researchers say this had a pressing effect on the price levels.

Apart from Rotterdam, Eindhoven also saw hotel prices drop on average. In Haarlem, Utrecht and Groningen, prices rose.

Worldwide, hotel rooms became more expensive in the first half of the year, rising with four percent. According to the researchers, this year seems the fifth year in a row in which hotel prices are showing an increase.