Rotterdam college bans watches during exams

The more than 30 thousands students of Rotterdam college will probably no longer be allowed to wear wrist watches when taking exams, De Telegraaf reports.

The problem is smart watches, the clever inventions from, among others, Samsung and LG. The smart watch is basically an extension of the mobile phone and can be used to surf the internet and send text messages. This enables students to look up the answer to an exam question or communicate with other students.

At first the difference between a smart watch and a normal wrist watch was very obvious based on the size of a smart watch. But because of the quick advances in this technology, the smart watch looks more and more like a normal wrist watch.

A spokesperson for Rotterdam college stated that their invigilators cannot check every watch,  thus one drastic measure - no more wrist watches.

Clocks will be hung in the examination chambers to allow students a sense of time.

This new ban is based on an existing rule in the College guide, which states that during examinations all mobile phones and other means of communication should be switched off. The smart watch is seen as a means of communication.

The definitive prohibition must still be approved by the central council, but the college hopes to enforce the ban in time for the firs exam period at the end of October.

The umbrella organization, the Association of Colleges, can not say if other colleges are having the same problem. It is known that Zuyd College in Limburg is also considering a school wide ban on wrist watches.