Home run ball kills chihuahua

In Meppel, a chihuahua has lost its life in a very unusual way. The little dog was hit by a baseball. The probability of the animal dying in this way is very small, but it has happened. RTL Nieuws reports. 

Baseball team the Blue Devils is training on the field in the Berggierslanden neighborhood in Meppel. At the same time, a chihuahua is being walked by its owner not 120 meters away.

The batter swings and hits a home run. The ball arcs and disappears over the four-meter tall fence around the diamond. The home run ball hits the small chihuahua, who does not survive the impact.

Baseballs can travel at speeds of over 150 kmph. For a dog as small and frail as a chihuahua, the chance of it surviving an impact are not good.

Manager of the Blue Devils, René Tabak, confirms the tragic incident, which occurred on the 15th of august. He does not want to give any further details relating to the owners of the dog.