Cabinet OK's €6.5m Iraq emergency aid, mine removal

Red Cross

The Cabinet is making €6.5 million available for extra emergency aid to the population of North Iraq. Minister Lilianne Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Co-operation announces today that this money will go to helping these people who are fleeing their homes because of the threat of IS, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Most of this money, €5 million, will go to the efforts of the Red Cross and sister organizations in Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq, and the rest will go to clearing mines out of the area.

The Red Cross is helping people in the area with blankets, jerry cans and cooking materials. Medical aid is also a big priority, as well as helping vulnerable groups such as detainees, refugees and women.

The remaining €1.5 million will go to clearing mines. This operation is being led by the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) from Great Britain, and the Belgian Handicap International. Mines riddle the area, scattered by IS in the liberated areas. Now that IS has left these areas, the population wants to return home. Minister Ploumen emphasizes the urgency of removing these mines so that the people can return home. The people also have to be made aware of these mines, as some do not know the risks, Ploumen tells the AD.

so far, The Netherlands has given €8 million to emergency aid and care to North Iraq.


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