Cabinet fights muslim youth radicalization

Key figures in Dutch muslim communities will be encouraged by the Cabinet to do more to prevent radicalization among youths. In a renewed effort by the Cabinet to tackle extremism, Imams breeding hate will also be reprimanded more harshly. This is announced by Minister Lodewijk Asscher, responsible for integration policy, in De Telegraaf. 

In response to heightened tensions between religious and population groups in, for example, the Schilderswijk neighborhood due to escalated demonstrations with demonstrators pronouncing their support for Islamic terrorist organization IS, the Minister wants to tackle the source of hate breeding within the muslim communities.

Asscher will announce additional measures to be taken against radicalization and jihadism together with his colleague Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) in the coming time. At the forefront of these measures is the effort to ensure safety. "Next to that, we have a big task to make sure that society does not suffer, that the radicals don't win", says Asscher.

According to Minister Asscher, Imams from, for example, Syria will be able to be stopped at the border if they come in with intentions to preach hate, and they will not receive a visa.

De-radicalization is the next step. "You have some that recruit for jihad. These will come to grips with criminal law. Another part you will have to make it clear to that their behavior has consequences", Asscher tells De Telegraaf.

"Internationally, we are looking for experiences with de-radicalization programs, and we will enforce these to get young men back to the other side. This could be done with, for example, training key figures. These don't have to keep track of how their boys grow their beards or anything, but they can make sure that someone doesn't go the wrong way."