Staff concerned about Transavia's future

Dutch low-cost carrier Transavia is heading for for further laborious efforts to compete with EasyJet and Ryanair. According to De Telegraaf, airline wants to cut prices, and there is a lot of unrest among Transavia's personnel. 

Sander Kok of the Union of Dutch Cabin Crew (VNC) says that it is a positive sign that Transavia wants to continue to compete with other carriers to attract customers, but that the personnel of the carrier is put under further strain.

Kok tells BNR that it's terrible that staff have to hear about their airline's new strategy via the media, as they will be officially informed in September. Last year, personnel also sacrificed a lot. "Their productivity rose with ten percent because of heavier schedules, more flights on their schedules. But also less room to request free days", Kok says.

According to the BNR, Transavia wants to increase their fleet to 200 aircrafts, without investing money into it. The company is looking for joint ventures with other companies.

Air France reportedly wants to house its short to medium-length flights at Transavia, its cheaper daughter company. Transavia Netherlands and France would then be merged.