Exam hacker recorded girls' webcams

The 19-year-old Rotterdam hacker Jair M., responsible for uncovering the exam fraud at the Ibn Ghaldoun school, has spent years hacking into girls' computers to spy on them via their webcam. The hacker, who was apprehended in October of last year, spent 137 days in pre-arrest, and the Public Prosecution Authority has also demanded involuntary psychiatric treatment (TBS) against him, the Algemeen Dagblad reports. 

According to the AD, M. broke into 2000 computers, including those of minors, and had a very large collection of child pornography on his computer. He recorded teen girls having sexual intercourse by hacking their webcams, and kept the images.

The OM believes that regular TBS is required, and if that does not help M. get over his obsession, he should be placed in a closed psychiatric institution.

Jair M. suffers from an autism-related syndrome of Aspergers, which is why his lawyer says that TBS treatment is not applicable to this situation. Behavioral experts say that the suspect has no pedosexual nature. 

The paper writes that M. would sometimes also bully people by placing intimate images of them on their facebook pages, allowing all their friends to see them. Four victims are claiming damages of thousands of euros.

M. hacked computer not only for pornographic or sexual reasons, however. He has been building fake websites since the age of 11 to get his hands on people's passwords. When he was 16, he was taken out of school for hacking a teacher's computer.

M. was responsible for bringing the Ibn Ghaldoun exam fraud case to light, but blamed it on someone else. He was the one who placed the French exam online, using an innocent pupil's computer. This pupil was arrested. M. then announced the fraud. "I was too scared to do that from my own computer, because I was in possession of child porn", he said in a court hearing yesterday.

Because of M.'s Aspergers, he cannot put himself in other peoples' positions, and see how he is harming them, behavioral experts say. TBS is therefore not suitable for M.'s situation, according to his lawyer. "The grounds for enforcing that is not sufficiently demonstrated by the district attorney", M.'s lawyer says. "Apergers is not treatable, but you can learn how to handle it. It's too stigmatizing to ask for a TBS measure for that."