Newspaper mistakenly reports Johan Cruijff's death

Johan Cruijff (Photo: Laia/Wikimedia Commons). (Johan Cruijff (Photo: Laia/Wikimedia Commons))

Users of the Volkskrant newspaper's mobile application were shocked to see an article reporting the death of football legend Johan Cruijff on Tuesday.

The newspaper soon realized their mistake, removed the article and apologized on Twitter. Johan Cruijff is alive and well.

Chief Editor of Volkskrant, Philippe Remarque, spoke of the error, saying that they have a new site to test and one of their technicians publicly made the article visible.  He offered his apologies to Johan Cruijff on behalf of the Volkskrant, de Stentor reports.

As a player, Cruijff won the Ballon d'Or three times, leading the Dutch national team to the 1974 World Cup final. In his 20-year club career, he scored 291 times in 520 matches. Over 11 years on the Dutch team, he scored 33 times in 48 matches. He has also coached Ajax and Barcelona to European Cup and national league championships.