Tuberculosis scare at TU Eindhoven

A foreign student completing a Masters project at the Biomedical Technology faculty at TU Eindhoven for the last six months has found to be infected with tuberculosis, specifically a strain that may be infectious. Anyone who has had intensive contact with the student will be inspected by the GGD Brabant-Zuidoost, which includes 20 co-workers and students of BMT, the University announces. 

The group of people who have been assessed as a 'risk group' by the GGD have been e-mailed about the inspection. The group, or the first ring, was also gathered for an information meeting. More than half attended. According to interim-managing director for BMT, Sagitta Peters, there was some worry, but no panic amongst the group.

If the tuberculosis has spread to these individuals, then the group will be broadened to include individuals who had less intensive contact with the patient. This so-called second ring will also be personally informed. Eventual treatment will be given to those who have contracted the bacterial disease, which is easily treatable these days. Infection takes four to six months to develop into symptoms and complaints.

The foreign Masters student came to TU Eindhoven six months ago for a project. He did not follow courses at the University, the institution says. He only worked on the project, which is formally complete already. He developed symptoms in the summer period, and was brought to hospital in The Netherlands last week. The identity of the student, as well as his country of origin, will not be published in order to protect his, and his family's, privacy. His mother is with him in the hospital.