Christians to protest ISIS in A'dam

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On the 30th of August, the Museumplein in Amsterdam will become the scene of an anti-ISIS protest planned by a group of Christians in the city, Het Parool reports. 

Benjamin Sumer, one of the initiators, says that the protest is especially against the violence committed by ISIS against Christians in Iraq. "But there are many more ethnic population groups suffering under this movement, to which attention will also be given", Sumer tells Het Parool.

About 2000 people are expected at this protest. "Different pastors from the churches in Amsterdam will come to speak about the ISIS atrocities ", Sumer says.

The protest was first planned to take place on Dam square, but because many people are expected, the location has been moved. It will now take place between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. on the Museumplein.

Sumer tells Het Parool that the inspiration for this protest came from similar demonstrations in other countries. "France, Canada, Sweden: everywhere in the world you can hear the call for this to end. We have to participate in that in Amsterdam as well."

"We have to prevent at all cost that the Islamic world expands in this manner. It cannot be that people massacre each other in this way", Sumer says.