MP accuses social worker in gay hatred case

MP for the PvdA in Amsterdam, Ahmed Marcouch, has filed a report against Mouna Jabrane. Marcouch says that the social worker and council member of The Greens (De Groenen) party in the city said hateful things about gay people. 

According to Marcouch, he and his colleague Khadija Arib were "trash" because they supported the Moroccan boat that was taking part in the Gay Pride Canal Parade on Saturday. Jabrane wrote this on her Facebook page.

Marcouch calls this comment proof of the continued presence of a deep-seated feeling of hate towards homosexuality. He filed the report because "this is what gay people in certain areas experience continuously", Marcouch tells press service Novum. "By filing a report, I want to put down a line, this is abuse and hate breeding."

According to Novum, Arib is also thinking about filing a complaint about Jabrane. She tells the press service that she has received a lot of abuse since Saturday. "I have to go to hell, get sent verses from the Qur'an and in this discussion I was treated like a piece of dirt. If you're active within the Moroccan community like this woman, then you have a function of being an example. We have to draw a line."

Jabrane swears that she has nothing against homosexuals, De Telegraaf writes. "For me it was about the way this was handled", she says. Her party, The Greens, have taken distance from her expressions, according to AT5. She was candidate on the party's list in the last two municipal council elections.