More remains of missing women found in Panama

Investigations into the deaths of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers in Panama have led to the discovery or yet more human remains. The Panama Public Prosecution Authority confirms the discovery, according to press office Novum. An investigator says that it was a piece of skull, the NRC reports. 

The investigators are inspecting the area where the first human remains were discovered in Panama.

Investigator Diomedes Trejos announces that the piece of skull will be given a DNA testing, to see if it indeed belongs to one of the missing girls. It is not yet clear how long that will take.

Kris Kremers' parents are also in Panama. They are there to do a separate investigation into the deaths of the two girls, and to form somewhat of a story. The girls' cause of death is still not cemented, and the parents do not believe it was an accident or that the girls lost their way.

According to the NRC, the girls called an emergency number on the 1st of April, the day that they disappeared. Camera images of the girls have been made eight days after their disappearance, according to paper La Estrella de Panama. The darkness of the images makes it difficult to verify what has actually been recorded.