NL advises Dutch to leave Libya


The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised all Dutch citizens in Libya to leave the country after clashes between the army and Islamic fighters are escalating. Traveling to Libya is also discouraged, including layovers. 

According to a spokesperson for the Ministry, there are around 70 Dutch still in Libya, with 40 of them in the capital Tripoli. These have been warned via e-mail and sms.

Ambassador Ton Lansink is also preparing himself for the possibility that the Dutch embassy in Tripoli may close temporarily. He will be guiding the first number of Dutch who want to leave the country this week.

For now, the embassy is operating as a very limited consular office. Outside the city, the embassy can only offer assistance telephonically.

Criminality is on the rise in Libya, according to the ministry, and the police "can't help you either" in case of an emergency. Due to escalated violence between rebels and the army, the police is powerless.

On Sunday, dozens of people, including many civilians, were killed in clashes between the army and Islamist fighters.