Dutch win robot World Cup

Robot football team Tech United from TU Eindhoven in has sealed a World Cup victory for The Netherlands. The team won 3-2 in the RoboCup 2014 against China's team Water in João Pesso, Brazil. 

It wasn't against Germany, and it wasn't the FIFA World Cup, but the Dutch team did win, against a strong competitor, China in this year's RoboCup. The robotics competition started in 1997. Eindhoven hosted the championship in 2013.

The robo-goalie was a very important part of the Dutch team. "We had fitted him out with an extra camera, whereby he was also able to stop higher balls", according to a spokesperson of the team.

The Dutch team started out strong, securing a 2-0 head start. Team Water quickly caught up, equalizing 2-2. Towards the end, however, Tech United's robots pulled together for the win.