Police find weed plantation during domestic violence call

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, a 41-year-old weed planter learned on Sunday after he slapped his girlfriend.

Police say the man actually surrendered himself at a station in ‘s-Hertogenbosch Sunday afternoon. Earlier in the day an argument with his 26-year-old girlfriend had gotten out of hand and he slapped her in the face. The woman left and went straight to the police station to file a report. When officers went to the house to arrest their suspect for domestic violence, he had left, but they did find a marijuana plantation; there were at least 100 plants in his storage. As police mounted an investigation to find out who the owner was of the weed, they learned that their domestic violence suspect was also wanted on an outstanding warrant. When he gave himself at the police station he was immediately incarcerated for the 14 days he still had to sit out in prison.