tip leads cops to stolen cars, guns, exotic animals

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Police found three stolen cars, three guns and a garden full of exotic animals when they raided warehouse in Capelle West on Tuesday.

The officers had gone to the industrial park on a tip that there might be a marijuana plantation there. They did not find drugs, but did neither did they expect what they did find. The warehouse was stacked with cars and car parts; three of the vehicles turned out to be stolen.

In a room the officers found what probably were air-guns.

And outside in the back of the warehouse they found a cage with tropical birds like cranes, ibises and black storks. There were also cages with monkeys and two serval kittens. All animals were in good health; a check by the animal police taught that the owner did possess the correct documents to keep them.

the 58-year-old man was nevertheless still arrested on suspicion of fencing stolen cars.