Reports of child pornography up 8%

The police in The Netherlands have received more reports of child pornography in 2013 than in 2012. Reported incidents of the production, spreading or downloading of child pornography was 535 in 2013. Compared to 496 in 2012, that's an 8 percent rise. According to figures from the police obtained by, the rise in reporting goes hand in hand with a rise of suspects arrested. In 2013, 563 people were suspected, and 507 in the previous year. Since 2010, there are only 71 municipalities where no reports of child pornography have been communicated to the police.

Most reports come from Rotterdam. Last year, 29 incidents were communicated to the police in that area. After this, the most active areas are Amsterdam (27 reports), Den Haag (21) and Tilburg (14).

Relative to population size, the municipality of Mill en Sint Hubert has received the most reports of child pornography. Three reports makes this relatively the most active reporting area, as there were 1.83 reports per 10,000 residents.


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