Asbestos violations double since 2012

Lasst year, asbestos treatment companies were fined for violating rules twice as many times as in 2012. The SZW Inspection, formerly the labour inspection, discovered 433 cases of violation in 2013. This was just over 200 in the previous year.

The SZW will not reveal in detail which companies were responsible for the violations, but do give an example of the worst violation that inspectors have come across: children helping in the removal of asbestos. This puts the childrens' health in danger, as ingesting asbestos particles is dangerous.

Illegally dumping asbestos in nature is also stated as a frequent violation. The substance is highly toxic to nature, and the particles can be breathed in by people who come into contact with the abandoned asbestos.

The inspection says that, depsite the increase in fines, the entire situation is improving with companies being more willing to report malpractice, and controlling permits.