Twelve years possible for fatal Zwolle burglary

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The Public Prosecutor has called for a twelve year jail sentence in the Zwolle burglary. 23-year-old Evert V is suspected of a fatal break-in in Zwolle that left the occupant the occupant dead.

A press release issued today by the Public Prosecutor has called for a 12 year sentence in the case against a man who is suspected of a fatal break-in. Evert V was caught by the occupant of the property while attempting to flee. As he stormed out he gave the elderly woman a hard push, and she fell to the ground. The woman died in hospital due to a brain injury which she sustained during the fall. The suspect managed to escape but was arrested in his hometown of Enschede.

According to the prosecution, there is sufficient legal evidence to prosecute the defendant. Various camera images show a man who meets his description. DNA found on the crowbar used matches that of the defendant.

Officers underlined in the indictment how the accused showed no remorse for his crime, or desire to be rehabilitated. Prosecutors stated that the victims death has shocked the legal system and society, especially has the crime is something that can happen to us all. “Anyone of us can be run over by a burglar”, said the prosecutor in his closing speech.

The act of the accused is being called a complete theft with breaking, followed by violence, with death as the result. The 12-year prison sentence is the sum of previous crimes, including burglary and drug possession.