Greenpeace chief apologizes for flying

Campaign director for Greenpeace International, Pascal Husting, has made a public apology for his use of air travel to get to Amsterdam from his home in Luxembourg. This was a special ruling that Greenpeace allowed Husting, as the care of his children was a priority for the director. "I made that choice, because I wanted to be as efficient as possible at my work and spend as much time as possible with my children", Husting tells RTL Nieuws.

Husting does not want to move his family to Amsterdam to avoid having to upset his childrens' lives. This is why he chose to use air travel, heavy in carbon emissions, for transport to and from Amsterdam a few times a month.

"I see now that this was an error in estimation, because it was meant as a temporary measure. I have stopped with it as of now. In future, I will take the train to my work", Husting says.

According to the Greenpeace director, it should no longer be a big problem as he does not have to be in the Dutch capital very often. "If I now still have to be there, then I can do that with the train", he says. A return trip between his home and Amsterdam will take him 12 hours, he says.

Hustings has taken a lot of flak from Greenpeace members about this, which he says he understands. "I get the disappointment. I did not choose for flying to dismiss the Greenpeace principles, but to work as efficiently as possible."

Husting tells RTL Nieuws that he does not want to step down from his position. He is going to discuss the sensitive issue with his colleagues.