Remains found in Panama; testing to verify missing women's DNA

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Investigators looking into the disappearance of two Dutch students in Panama have found human remains near a location where the women's personal belongings were discovered. The remains were brought to the forensic lab in Panama City for DNA testing, said the officer of justice, Betzaida Pitti during a press conference yesterday.

Police in Panama have been working with Dutch officials trying to track down Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers. The two have been missing since they left their boarding house for a hike on April 1.

Two different shoes and boots were found, announced RTL journalist Britta Sanders on Twitter. No other details were released.

The Dutch Forensic institution (NFI) will be analyzing the belongings of the missing girls, much of which was inside a backpack. It is unclear if the mobile phones that were found on Friday were owned by the two girls. The NFI believes there is a big chance that useful information can be found on these phones.

A bag with the belongings of Froon and Kremers was found last week, including the two phones, two pairs of glasses, money, and an identity card belonging to Froon. The bag was found in Alto Romero, which is located at the Pianista trail. The girls planned to hike around that area, the day they went missing.