Missing in Panama: New photos emerge

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Panama's media outlets have published new images relating to the ongoing search of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, the  two Dutch tourists who have been missing in the Central American country since April. 

The images depict the backpacks that were found by a local farmer last week. The blue backpack contains items such as under clothing, two sunglasses and a memory card for a camera.

The authenticity of the photographs has not been established yet. Kris and Lisanne's respective families find the images disrespectful, and are disappointed that the images have been shown by the media.

On Saturday last week, Panama's police announced that a backpack of one of the missing girls was found next to the river Culebra. An indigenous Panamanian farmer discovered the backpack and walked the eight hours back to Boquete to report it to the authorities.

The discovery prompted the launch of a new, more narrow search for the missing women. Authorities in Panama will search the area surrounding the spot where the bag was found, according to the district attorney who is leading the investigation.