Oranje joins campaign for missing women

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The Dutch football team has become involved in a Twitter campaign urging people to help keep an eye out for Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, the two Dutch tourists who have been missing in Panama since April, De Telegraaf reports. 

Photographs of arm bands with the website FindLisanneKris.com, and posters appeared on Twitter last night. The girls' families are very grateful for the support they are receiving from the Dutch team. "We have understood from our visits to Panama that it is really a football country, and also completely under the spell of the Dutch team, even before the defeat of Spain last Friday.

"This kind of support in which Panamanians are asked for support by our communal heroes, is very much needed and something you could only dream of", according to both families via their spokesperson Nikki van Passel.

Kris Kremers' brother Sjors wrote a personal letter to all players, thanking them from the bottom of his heart: "The real reason for this letter is a question that comes from deep in my heart as a brother: 'Do you as players group and trainers staff please want to help us with this enormous task?'

"I, together with all of both families and everyone who is voluntarily helping us are very thankful to you if you would want to wear the orange band during a game. In 1 game you probably get more done than us and what we have been trying in the last 2 months... We hope very much to be able to bring the disappearance of my sister and her friend to broad attention in the whole of South America and far beyond. So that everyone looks out for them together."

The family spokesperson says that they have not yet heard confirmation whether the Dutch team will wear the wrist bands. "That would of course be completely fantastic", the spokesperson says. The family knows that if the Oranje gets involved, then all of South America may become aware of the issue.