Two tons of hash seized in raid

Drug shipment intercepted in Tilburg, June 2016 (Photo: Politie)Drug shipment intercepted in Tilburg, June 2016 (Photo: Politie)

Two tons of hash has been found in Tilburg. The drugs were found after an investigation of the police. The suspect, a 44 year old homeless man, was arrested in the Castorstraat.

The investigation pointed the police in the direction of the Castorstraat where the drugs were found on Friday afternoon around 4PM. The male suspect was caught red-handed and was arrested on the spot. The hash was hidden in sealed buckets, and had been prepared prepared to make their way over to England through legal transportation. The operation was supported by the army who helped storing and securing the hash. Meanwhile the drugs has been destroyed.

There will not be any further reports on this case due to the importance of this case.