Wilders encourages followers to denounce PvdA MPs

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The Public Prosecution Authority (OM) has so far received 120 complaints from people against PvdA-leaders Diederik Samsom and Hans Spekman after a call from PVV-leader Geert Wilders. The OM has also heard from 5,000 people about Geert Wilders' anti-Moroccan remarks during the municipal elections, the Volkskrant reports. Wilders sent a tweet out on the 3rd of May asking his followers to report Samsom and Spekman who he says made questionable remarks against Moroccans as well. The OM must still confer whether the reports filed against the PvdA leaders will lead to prosecution. Reports against Wilders is still being weighed as well, though confidential intra-party emails from Wilders obtained by De Telegraaf seem to show that the politician is readying himself for eventual court proceedings. The PVV-leader's action against Samsom and Spekman was a reaction to the number of people who denounced him on election evening for inciting 'fewer. fewer. fewer.' chants from the crowd, asking them whether they want more or fewer Moroccans. In April, after 5,000 reports were filed against him, Wilders said he was not the only politician speaking against Moroccans. Samsom, in his time as street coach, said that Moroccans have the "ethnic monopoly" on nuisance behavior. Spekman said that "you have to demean Moroccans who do not want to behave in front of their own people's eyes", Wilders wrote on a PVV website.

"I call on everyone to report Samsom and Spekman. If lady Justice is really blind, then she will prosecute all of us, or none of us. I hope not all of us."


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