Dutch kids film takes top prize

A Dutch youth film 'Mimoun' of director Tallulah Schwab has won the Prix Jeunesse International, one of the most important television prizes for youth programs in the world, producer Bind announced. 

The Prix Jeunesse is the Oscars of kids' television. Mimoun won in the category short fiction youth film for children up to we years. The film was already nominated for an Emmy Award, and it has won several international prizes.

The film tells a classic bildungsroman story of a 12-year old teenager called Mimoun. He grows up in the Schilderswijk neighborhood in The Hague with his hard-working single mom and two brothers. The single mother tries to keep Mimoun away from his criminal older brother Ab. When Mimoun needs money to impress a girl in his class, Soraya, he is sucked into his brother's seedy world.

Hicham Outaleb, Nouhaila Morjani and Mohammed Aanquinch play the lead roles in the film. Director Tallulah Schwab is now working on her first movie, an adaptation of the popular Dutch book Barnyard floor full of confetti (Dorsvloer vol confetti) by Franca Treur about a religious farmer family in Zeeland.

Previous winners if the Prix Jeunesse International include several Dutch films. The long-running educational television show Het Klokhuis has won, as well as De Daltons