Halal sex products to hit Dutch stores

A new line of sex toys and erotic products will soon be available for Muslims at shops in the Netherlands. The products are halal and are meant to enhance the marital sex lives of Muslims. They will be available at pharmacies and perfume shops. The first Islamic sex shop appeared online, sold by El Asira. The shop does not sell vibrators or blow-up dolls but rather sensual products like body-lotions an scented candles that turn into oil."Ambiance-enhancing care products that let the beauty of the woman shine." Later this year, the shop will sell a line of halal lingerie and other products. The Amsterdam creator of El Asira, Abdelaziz Aouragh, now wants to put 18 various products on store shelves. In his quest, he is asking for partnership with German erotica giant Beate Uhse.

Aouragh would rather use the word "sensual" to describe his products. "It is not about the act, but the experience around it", the entrepreneur explains. The halal aspect of the products don't have much to do with ingredients, but more with the packaging and the vibe."There are also no scantily clad ladies on our packaging", Aouragh says. His new partner, who owns Christine le Duc, the adult toy shop in Volendam, is targeting Dutch supermarkets and shops first, and will then move on to conquer the wider European market. Aouragh is expecting great things. "Many big enterprises miss their chances. Worldwide, there are 1.8 billion muslim consumers. The turnover in this market rises with $500 billion every year."