Dutch citizen extradited to Singapore for fraud

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Authorities on the Caribbean island of Trinidad have signed off on the extradition of a Dutch national to Singapore to stand trial for fraud.

Suriname-born Amarnath Jagmohan has been in prison on the island since January last year and on Friday lost his final attempt to block his extradition.

Jagmohan (52), who lived in the Netherlands, is alleged to have visited several moneylenders in Singapore in 2003, attempting to change counterfeit euros for Singapore dollars. He was also found in possession of counterfeit euros. He was charged for fraud but fled while out on bail. Trinidad police arrested him on January 29 2013 under a provisional warrant issued by Interpol.

Appellate Judge Prakash Moosai said on Friday his latest challenge of the Attorney General’s decision to sign off on his extradition was “doomed for failure.” His attorney David West had complained that some of the documents from the Singaporean authorities were inadmissible; West said they had not been properly certified and were missing a photograph.

In a press release Friday evening, the office of the Attorney General said “the Attorney General gave due consideration and deliberation to all of the reasons provided to his office and he thereafter signed the warrant to return Mr Jagmohan to Singapore.”

Officials from the south Asian nation had meanwhile arrived in Trinidad to escort him back to their country.