First Dutch Boeing 787 comes this week

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The highly-anticipated Boeing 787 Dreamliner is set to join the Arke airline fleet later this week. The plane will arrive for the first time on Dutch soil on Thursday, with Arke becoming the first Dutch operator to make use of the jumbo jet.

The revolutionary aircraft is lighter, quieter, more economical and more comfortable than the current generation of planes, said Arke parent TUI Netherlands. The Dreamliner’s first commercial flight is a scheduled trip from Amsterdam to Antalya, Turkey on June 8. The plane will also be in use days later with stops in Curaçao and Bonaire. In the two years since the plane was first delivered by Boeing to clients worldwide, several of the planes have had issues ranging in severity. The planes were taken out of service across the United States in January 2013 due to ongoing issues related to fires and the aircraft’s lithium-ion batteries. In the months that followed, there were incidents with 787 aircraft that included a fire, chronic breakdowns, fuel leaks, missing parts, wiring issues and parts that flew off in mid flight. Arke currently makes use of the Boeing 767 and the 737-800 jet models. The company said that adding the Dreamliner to their squad will allow them to reduce reliance on the 767. -Britt Slegers & Maxime Zech contributed to this report.