Lengthy jail term for insurance scam murder

A judge in Rotterdam has sentenced Amar H. to 20 years in jail for killing his friend Steven Rijsdijk; Rijsdijk had only agreed to a beating, part of an insurance scam.

Prosecutors had demanded 25 years for Amar. Rijsdijk (28), thought he was carrying out the perfect insurance scam with his best friend Amar, but paid with his life for trusting him. He got tied down to a chair with a pillowcase taped over his head, then he got beaten and stabbed; plus his head was slammed to the ground several times until he was dead. The court agreed with the prosecution. "He died a terrible death. He trusted Amar and it must have been horrific for him to realize he had been wrong. Amar misused his position of friend," the judge stated.

Rijsdijk thought Amad the perfect partner in crime, as the latter had apparently previously already scammed an insurance company out of money by faking an injury. He made Amar's company the beneficiary to his half million Euro life insurance. 

The court found it proven that Amar and his accomplice Edward A. had made plans in advance to kill Rijsdijk.

Edward H. received  a five year jail sentence plus mandatory psychological treatment, ruling it proven that at Amar's orders, Edward had tied down Rijsdijk and taped up his head. The judge said Edward is of unsound mind. Edward is mentally challenged and missing a proper moral compass. "The danger of repetition is considerable," the judge said, explaining why this suspect got a lesser sentence, but with treatment.