Circus Renz elephants mistreated: Party for Animals

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According to the Party for Animals(PvdD), elephants at Circus Renz International, currently in Rotterdam, are being mistreated, the Algemeen Dagblad reports. "They have holes next to their eyes", says fraction frontrunner Jeroen van der Lee. "That comes from the use of the so-called bull hook. That is animal abuse." The PvdD want circuses that do not use animals for their performances to be first in line in the Maasstad for shows. This is in a party deal between Leefbaar, D66 and CDA. According to Van der Lee, more speed must be put behind enforcing this.

"Especially the training method for these animals is pure abuse", the fraction president states. "An elephant will really not stand on its hind legs by itself, to do that he becomes acquainted with such an elephant hook." Van der Lee is also against the concept of a traveling circus, as the long distances traveled, "500 to 1000 kilometers", cause the animals a lot of stress. The party will pose questions to the city governing board about the blocking of circuses using wild animals. Questions about Circus Renz International are no longer on the table, as they are breaking up today, the AD reports. [an earlier version of this story included a photo from Circus Herman Renz, which is not connected to Circus Renz. Thanks to reader MrTjips for pointing this out -ed.]