Exams stolen, Almere

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Completed Visual Arts exams of the Buitenhout College in Almere were stolen. The Education Inspection has therefore had to proclaim these exams invalid, the NOS reports. 

It is unclear how many exams were stolen, and how many students were affected by the theft. Students of the school completed the exams on Tuesday. On Wednesday, students were sent a letter informing them that the exam was stolen from a closed-off area.

As students will have to re-sit the exam, results will not be announced on the 12th of June as planned. The re-sit period begins on the 16th of June.

Students who completed this exam in another institution will not have to take it again.

Director of the College, Barry Lommen, tells Omroep Flevoland that he is confused as to why someone would steal completed exams.

In the Netherlands, the notorious and long-drawn-out Ibn Ghaldoun exam theft case of last year, is still fresh in peoples' minds, thinks students' committee LAKS. The committee finds it "worrisome that this can happen twice in a row. You start asking yourself how schools actually handle completed exams", a spokesperson says.

LAKS finds it a shame for the students that have to re-sit the exam, but says that this is "the best that is possible for the affected students." According to the spokesperson, the school has done nothing wrong, "because there is no protocol for what must be done with the completed exams."