Candidate trading Tinder dates for votes

Pauline Kastermans, D66 candidate for the European elections next Thursday, is trying to win votes via dating app Tinder. She is promising dates in exchange for votes. 

The idea came from freelance journalist Jens van Pieterson. He placed photos on Twitter of a chat session with Kastermans. The 23-year old liberal democrat has just finished her studies and is number eight on the list. She is not doing it for romance. "In the first place, to try and convince as many people as possible to vote on 22 May." But she will, as promised, go on a date with interested voters, after the elections. She needs 18,000 votes to be elected.

Kastermans is shocked by all the attention her campaign is receiving. I thought we were used to it after Grindr-gate in Amsterdam?" She is referring to the campaign of Pieter Rietman, also D66, frontrunner in Amsterdam-West. He used gay dating app Grindr to curry voter favor for the municipal council elections in March.