Wilders defiant in Euro extremist support

Geert Wilders responded to criticism of his cooperation with extreme right-wing nationalist parties across Europe by saying he sees no reason why he and his political party, PVV, should not work these groups. The Dutch politician has been working with France’s Front National and Austria’s FPÖ to try and create an anti-European Union opposition within the European Parliament.

Despite calling the leadership of these parties flawed, Wilders told TV program Nieuwsuur, “If I had the thought that they are no good, I would not go [along with them].”

Front National party leader Marie Le Pen said she does not support anti-Semitic remarks made by her father, former leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. Despite this, the elder Le Pen is still a Member of European Parliament representing FN.

Jean-Marie Le Pen also holds an honorary leadership position with the party.

By joining up with extremist parties across Europe, Wilders has lost another key member of his party, as well as the support of a Jewish lobbying group in the Netherlands. It is widely believed that the PVV receives a significant amount of funding from pro-Israeli organizations in Europe and the U.S., as well as support from groups based in Israel.