Killed Tricht woman's son caught in Germany

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German police have found the car belonging to a 66-year old woman who was murdered in Tricht last week. Her 29-year old son was sitting in the car.

The grey Citroen C5 was discovered in a parking lot outside Dortmund at around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. The car had been placed on the national and international radar, as it had been brought into relation to the elderly woman's death. The woman's son is now a suspect in the case.

The woman was discovered dead on the 1st of May. Police suspected criminal activity from the beginning,

Dutch police put in a request with the German authorities for the 29-year old suspect's extradition back to the Netherlands. Once he returns, he will be questioned.

Investigations are still underway by a team of 25 people. In the interest of this analysis, no questions about circumstantial evidence may be answered, nor can investigators release any information about the conditions in which the woman died.