Police: Don't use Internet Explorer

After a bug was discovered in Internet Explorer, the Dutch police have recommended people not use the browser unless they have no alternative, and then only "in extensively secured mode."

The leak in Microsoft's browser came to light this weekend. It lets hackers have access to a computer if the user of that computer clicks on a link to an infected website.

The American Department of Homeland Security warned about the bug on Monday. Microsoft and FireEye, makers of security software, already signaled earlier on that the leak was being misused by hackers in a limited capacity.

According to the Team High Tech Crime from the Dutch police, internet users should switch over to "safer alternatives" such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera until Microsoft has fixed the problem.

According to a spokesperson for the Ministry Of Security and Justice, the ministry has been close contact with Microsoft, and there is no indication that there is large-scale misuse of the leak happening in the Netherlands. "Microsoft says that as well", the spokesperson says.

Internet Explorer users should follow the standard advice, the spokesperson says. "Be careful with clicking links and with websites that you visit. Transferring to another browser is always possibly, but it is not necessary at this time, except for XP users."

At this time, Microsoft is still looking for a solution, but this will not be possible for XP users. Microsoft has stopped updates and fixes for that system, which still runs on 15-25 percent of the world's PC's.

"To those people we say: leave XP and upgrade to another operating system. Today there are problems with Explorer, tomorrow it's Outlook and the day after tomorrow Word. We don't want that, and so we recommend that people switch over", the spokesperson of the ministry says.

Microsoft in a reaction points to the advice the company placed on their website for users of Internet Explorer. Users are advised to switch the security settings of the browser to 'high'. That may cause some websites not to work properly.