PVV fines workers for talking; doesn’t pay pension obligations

Geert Wilders claims that it is "regular" practice, and "a formality" to fine co-workers of the PVV €25,000 for outing any information about the party. 

Geert Wilders further tells the NOS that the fine has never actually been demanded. The Volkskrant has a document in which it seems that 33 personnel members of the House of Representatives fraction of the PVV have to pay the fine if they tell any party secrets.

These members have a contract that states in writing that they have taken an oath of silence concerning any business that has anything to do with the PVV. Many issues, such as labour agreements, are also not allowed to be discussed among members in the gagging clause

The Volkskrant also received a salary list in which it seems that there is some inequality in pay for the same work. Wilders only started paying premiums for his personnel's pensions last year. Some 40 people have a hole in their pensions because of this.

In a reaction, Wilders says that the premium is paid from the moment that the party has a pension scheme. The party only started that last year. Employers are in principle not obliged to close a pension scheme.

Wilders has also reacted to the continuous departures of members of his party. He told Dagblad De Limburger on Saturday that it is "very annoying", but that it does not curb his motivation.

"It is very annoying, absolutely. What I went through the last few weeks, you don't wish on your worst enemy. There were days when I thought: well, that's really going very fast. It isn't nice for any political leader if people leave. But in the end, that remains a side issue, it's about the mission."