Heavily wounded man found on street

A 30-year old man was discovered heavily wounded on a street in Zundert by a passer-by on Sunday morning. It is unclear how the man ended up on the street.

Police also found a damaged scooter next to the man, who was found on a street that runs parallel to the Bredaseweg. It is suspected that someone collided with the man on his scooter, and that the culprit did not stick around to help the victim. Police are taking this as a hit-and-run case.

According to the police, the man may have taken the road from Rijsbergen in the direction of Zundert with his scooter. The 30-year old was not yet responsive, and the police could not ask him any questions.

Anybody who saw the incident, or heard anything, is asked to take up contact with the police.