Panama task force on the hunt for missing Dutch girls

A special operations task force from the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) is going to strengthen the search party for the missing Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers in Panama. 

General Prosecutor Ana Belfon in Panama confirmed this during a press conference. The task force specializes in organized crime, and will be joining the hunt for the missing tourists who disappeared on the 1st of April bear the town of Boquete where they were going to do volunteer work.

It is unclear whether the involvement of this unit means that the girls might have become involved in organized crime. The highest boss of the Public Prosecution Authority in Panama does not want to share any details about the investigation and emphasized that the police and the OM are taking every possible scenario into consideration.

Ana Belfon also said that the unit that specializes in organized crime does get involved in similar incidents more often.

According to journalists in Panama, the unit is made up of the best investigators in the country, and that their operation into the search party shows that the disappearance of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers is still a priority in Panama.

Panama's general prosecutor visited the province Chiriqui to negotiate how to tackle crime in the region. Boquete, where the girls went missing, is situated in Chiriqui.