VVD, PvdA gain in poll

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Governing parties VVD and PvdA each gained a seat in this week's poll by Maurice de Hond. The liberals (VVD) come out at 22 seats, which is still 19 less than what they currently have in Parliament. The social democrats (PvdA) have 26 less than Parliament, with 12.

The poll, published on Sunday, shows that CDA (20) and 50PLUS (4) each have lost one seat. There is no difference for the rest of the parties.

The PVV is still in second place with 24 seats after the D66, with 25. The PVV in the poll has 9 seats more than they have in Parliament, and the D66 has 13 more seats.

The third party is the VVD, followed by the SP (21) and the CDA. According to De Hond, the loss of the VVD has been going ti the PVV, D66 and CDA since 2012. The PvdA is losing voters to the D66 and SP.

Maurice de Hond's polls are conducted on the internet, using 2500 out of a sample size of 40,000 people who have registered themselves. Polling days are Friday and Saturday. Participants first see their previous choice, after which they will be able to make a new choice. Changes in voter behavior is therefore determined per individual.