Bike seat thief arrested for violence against police officer

A 34-year old man from Etten-Leur was arrested in his home Sunday evening for threatening and beating an officer of the police, and for stealing bicycle parts.

At around 7 p.m. an officer spotted the thief walking around the train station with a bicycle seat in his hands. The officer asked the man for his identification details, and to come to the police station. The man decided to flee on his bicycle instead. He was pursued and stopped in the Deken Koopmanslaan by the police officer.

The thief became aggressive, yelling at the officer that he would not come with him. He also threatened and kicked the officer against the legs. The officer hereby requested back-up, and was able to apprehend the man with several colleagues.

The mud guard of a bicycle was discovered in the garden of a home on the Deken Koopmanstraat. On the train station, a bicycle was found without seat. Police are investigating whether the stolen seat belongs to that bicycle.