Duindorp wants no foreigners

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Residents of the small village of Duindorp near The Hague are making life unlivable for foreigners who move there.

A hair-raising report by TV Station Omroep West that aired yesterday shows residents blatantly admitting that they approve of racist tactics that are being used to structurally deter foreigners who have a house in their parish. Windows are being smashed, houses are egged and walls are plastered with racist slurs. "Foreigners do not belong here. There are enough white people who deserve a house in our village; if they come, I don't mind. If it's someone with a burka that should be on a camel, he best continue walking to where  he came from," one man tells the camera. "I applaud people who chase them out."

The TV station interviewed several people who had the same opinion. None admitted that they knew who smashed windows and egged houses, but all said with a smirk that they approved. "My grandsons told me they would go on pestering every foreigner who dared move into Duindorp until he leaves," one woman said. Another woman relates how two houses were assigned to a Turkish and a Hindustani family. "Due to the damage that residents did (to the houses) that was prevented," she said. "Duindorp is for Duindorpers," one man added.

The town that falls within the parish of Scheveningen counts some 6,000 residents. Housing corporation Vestia which owns several buildings in Duindorp has confirmed that residents are not welcoming foreigners. Even its employees have been threatened. "Why does Vestia keep trying to put foreigners here, knowing that it will only cause trouble. People here are racist," one woman reacted.

The issue reportedly has the attention of The Hague mayor Josias Van Aartsen, who, according to Omroep West is worried about the situation. Van Aartsen has announced that he wants to discuss the matter with police, Vestia and schools in the area to find a solution.

Vestia has said that is monitoring the situation and will take action against people caught pestering others. "If they continue they will be evicted," the housing corporation stated.


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