Dutch men questioned in missing Panama tourists case

Two young Dutch men who have just returned from Panama, will be questioned on Tuesday by police in The Netherlands in relation to the two Dutch girls who are still missing. The men are not suspects, a spokesperson emphasized. 

The two men were on holiday in Panama, and were in contact with the two girls who have been missing for two weeks now.

A day before the girls were last seen, they spoke with them, and the police wants to know what the discussion was about, and if any details could lead to clues in the case.

The men returned from Panama last week. The police will not give any information about the identity of the Dutch men.

Since the 1st of April, Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon have been reported as missing. They were last seen in the region of Boquete, in the north of Panama. The local authorities announced on Monday that they would be stopping the intensive search party for the two girls.

The Dutch police, however, as well as the police in Panama, will keep up the investigation. For this reason, the two Dutch men will be questioned.