Town Hall Reusel under threat

The municipality address is being threatened by a man who has been in conflict with the municipality Reusel-de Mierden for years, the Eindhovens Dagblad reports.

The town hall is barricaded for safety after reports came in that someone was threatening to drive a car into the building. The man in question is denying having ever uttered any threats.

The square in front of the municipality building has been blocked off with cement blocks to bar entry of a vehicle. The building is also being protected in the evening, night and weekend.

A spokesperson for the police say that nobody is going to be arrested yet. "There was talk of threatening language, not of a punishable threat. By taking measures, the municipality is accepting responsibility."

No staff members have been threatened personally, the police spokesperson says. It is only the municipality as an institution that is being threatened.

Mayor Harrie Tuerlings of Reusel is abroad, but the municipality spokesperson says that this is mere coincidence, and has nothing to do with this issue.