Muslims worried about discrimination

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The association of Dutch Moroccans (SMN) is worried about current trends of violence against muslim men and women in the country. 

A Moroccan woman wearing a niqab was assaulted and abused in Eindhoven. According to the police, two men tore the niqab from the woman and proceeded to physically beat her, in the Woenselsestraat on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Omroep Brabant, Amar Nejjar, manager of the mosque Al-Fourqaan in Eindhoven, says that muslims no longer feel safe on the streets.

Nejjar said that the woman, a volunteer at the mosque, was beaten inside the Plus supermarket. "Witnesses saw the happening and didn't help the woman." Nejjar also says that the woman had a baby with her. She has gone to the police, and an investigation is underway.

This is not an isolated incident, however.  SMN have released a report of similar incidents happening, and is questioning the safety of muslims as well as the state of Dutch society.

The SMN is calling on victims of physical or verbal abuse to file a report with the police. This is what the abused woman from Eindhoven has done in the meantime. Police are looking for two white men, and are still asking for witnesses.